Profoundly Facebook – How to Use Profoundly App


Do you want to use Profoundly on Facebook, If Yes then you have reached at right page because I am sharing all information related to Profoundly App.

Profoundly Facebook

Recently, A new anonymous app called Profoundly is trending. In Profoundly app, You can share your anonymous thoughts with your Facebook friends. You can also ask anonymous questions to your Facebook friends. According to Profoundly, Your identity is 100% protected and you will always remain anonymous. Currently, Profoundly have more than 7.5 million users from more than 80 countries.

How to Use Profoundly Facebook App

You can use the Profoundly Facebook App by following step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Download Profoundly App for iPhone or Android.
  2. Now open Profoundly on your phone.
  3. Now click on Sign in and connect Profoundly with your FB.

Now you have successfully connected Profoundly with your Facebook account. But you will need Facebook Player ID to view anonymous messages on your Profoundly Inbox. You can find your Facebook Player ID by following steps below.

Finding Facebook Player ID

  1. Go to Facebook Profoundly App.
  2. Now you will see your Profoundly Player ID.

Now you have Facebook Player ID and you will need to link your Player ID with Profoundly App. You can do that by following steps below.

Adding Facebook Player ID to Profoundly

  1. Open Profoundly App on your phone.
  2. Go to Inbox.
  3. Click on “Sync With FB Game Inbox“.
  4. Now type Facebook Player ID which you have found earlier.
  5. Click on Link button.
  6. Done!

Now you will start seeing anonymous messages on your Profoundly Inbox. You can reply to these anonymous messages in two ways. The first way is via Facebook and the second way is Private Reply. Many people say that Profoundly will reveal your identity but this not true because of Profoundly completely anonymous application. But if you will send harassing messages to others then you will identity will be revealed so I recommend you to avoid sending harassing messages to others.

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