Does Yolo Reveal your Identity?


Yolo Reveal

Recently, The new called Yolo is released for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.Yolo has been reached to #1 position in the Apple App Store. This application allows us to receive anonymous questions from our Snapchat followers. You can receive anonymous questions from your Snapchat followers by following this article. When you or someone else ask questions to any other then there line written above the message box. These lines are written below.

Yolo Reveal

YOLO is for positive feedback only.No bullying. If you send harassing messages to our users, your identity will be revealed.

Does your Yolo Identity Will Be Revealed?

According to this statement, Your identity will only be revealed if you will send harassing messages to Yolo users. If you will send bullying messages to Yolo users then definitely your identity will be revealed.

How to Avoid Revealing your Yolo Identity?

The only way, You can use to avoid revealing your identity is by not sending harassing messages to other peoples. The above statements state that if you will send harassing messages then your identity will be revealed so my suggestion will be to avoid sending harassing messages.

There are many applications are already released in the market which claims that they can reveal the identity of Yolo users but these all applications are fake. I recommend you to stay away from these apps. These applications or websites just use you to complete surveys and earn money. I don’t want to share names of these applications so don’t ask me in comments. I am strictly against these applications.

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  1. I did one of these yesterday and so many people sent nasty things to me and I still never got to see who sent them. How can I find that out


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